Saturday, June 7, 2008

Welcome to Lakewood

The HomeSide welcomes Bob, Donna and Brittney, here from Delmarva to watch their team with us. I met these great folks on my travels to Maryland last summer and the friendships we have developed have carried over. As you can see, we have got Brittney onto our side!!


Joe LaDew said...

Aaaaahhh... The goodwill and Camaraderie of the BlueClaw fans will never end. It's great to see that our "good name" keeps building.

clearwaterthreshersnews said...

I saw today that Zack Segovia was relased by the Phillies, and Threshers back up catcher Alan Robbins was promoted to Reading. Sam Walls was also promoted to Reading two days ago, so that leaves the Threshers' roster at 21 players four shy of the 25 player limit.

Word is Drew Naylor is coming up from Lakewood, and I would have to speculate the Joel Naughton may be coming with him to fill our vacant cather's spot. That still leaves us two players shy of 25.

Carlos Monasterios may be ready to come off the DL for one of the two remaining pitching slots, but that still leaves one spot open. I know that Chance Chapman is doing good at Lakewood, and based on that and his age I would have to think he is a good candidate to move up to Clearwater.

I was just curious whether you had heard any rumblings up there in Lakewood.