Wednesday, May 30, 2012

BlueClaws roster

OK, not unexpentantly, there have been some changes to the Lakewood roster.

First- Ervis Manzanillo has been activated from the DL,  with Josh Warner returning to extended spring training.

Catcher Logan Moore has been sent back to extended, and John Hill has been returned from Clearwater.  This could actually be a break for Hill, who was with the Threshers for 17 days, and got in just 4 games, with 13 ABs.

Infielder Gustavo Gonzalez was returned to EST, and replaced by Alejandro Villalobos, who was slated for the GCL and getting a big chance here.

Also Austin Brough was return to extended, and Chris Duffy has been returned from Clearwater.

Mario Hollands has also been promoted to the Threshers!  Congratulations, Mario!!

Moore and Gonzalez have really been struggling, so a return to Florida with assignment to Williamsport when they begin play in a few weeks can give both of them a fresh start. 

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